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 The Santa Lucia Program was held on Sunday December 11 and it was a huge success thanks to the great team effort from over 20 people.  The program, smorgasbord and fellowship were delightful and heartwarming.  We sold over 55 tickets. The event was attended by LoL members, their families, friends, members of Loving Word and others who saw the event advertised.  With the leftover food we prepared several doggie bags, too.  

Special thanks to:

Kristina Treibachs who portrayed Santa Lucia. 

Connie Allekian and Jan Treibachs who sang in Swedish. 

Pastor Adam and Toni Blesy who facilitated the program

Rosita Yao who played the piano during the program.

Sherry Sejnost for recording and taking photos of the event.   

The Santa Lucia Committee consisted of: Connie Allekian, Toni Blesy, Bruce and Arlene Danielson, Pastor Adam Dowd, Jim Eckwall, Carolyn Katt, Debbie McNichols, Judy Padera, Sherry Sejnost, Marilyn Sells, Caryl Shaer, Lee Ann Swanson, Bob and Alice Tangora, Sue Tomaszek, and Jan and Kristina Treibachs, Rosita Yao and Don Younker.  They devoted their time, talents, and contributions making food, baking desserts, decorating the hall and tree, and cleaning up.      

We netted a profit of $757 which will go to the Ministry Fund.  This was a fun thing to do to raise money for Lord of Life’s Ministry Fund.