Welcome to Lord of Life Lutheran Church!

Lord of Life welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, fostering an environment where we openly explore profound questions about faith and existence. While we acknowledge that we don't possess all the solutions, we firmly believe that God's presence is felt when we collectively engage with these questions within our community.

Our congregation is a home for individuals who have been lifelong Lutherans and for those who approach faith with skepticism. It's a place for those who hold a deep affinity for traditional church practices and for those who maintain complex relationships with institutional religion. We also extend our embrace to individuals from different religious backgrounds and those who have never had a religious upbringing. Together, we are on a collective journey to understand what it truly means to follow the teachings of Jesus in a world that is both fractured and magnificent.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this shared journey of faith.

-Pastor Adam

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Since 1968,  Lord of Life Lutheran Church has been serving Darien, Illinois and surronding communities.  Lord of Life is large enough to offer full programming for its members, yet small enough to get to know everyone.