With great sadness I am leaving Lord of Life due to problems in driving the distance every week.   This is the only reason I am forced to leave. When I first joined,  I lived in Hinsdale.  When I moved to Romeoville Karen McGinley and I would share driving.  Now that I have to drive myself it is difficult when I am not physically up to the drive.  The ice and snow made the decision for me last winter.  I stayed on to help new Altar Guild members become familiar with the altar duties.  I so appreciate their willingness to add the the altar membership.

I will miss all of you.  LOL is one of the most welcoming congregations I have encountered. 

Continue to support each other and Pastor Dowd.  God bless all of you in your church life and church growth.

I thank all of you for your support during my years of membership. 

Peace and love,

Mary Szyszka