Nominating Committee - Committee has not met yet but the members have been in communication and have started to approach members of the church to consider being candidates for the Council elections in January 2023.  

Finance – November donations were weak. The $15,564 total is the third lowest November in the last ten years, exceeding a very weak 2021 ($13,436) by $2,128 while trailing a good 2020 ($16,445) by $881. November expenses ($17,727) were higher than 2021 by $22 and higher than 2020 by $2,570. November operations generated a $2,163 deficit. The year-to-date deficit increased to $48,919 the highest at the end of eleven months not only in the last ten years, but in the last 20 years by more than $19,400. At the end of eleven months, 91.67% of the year, 88.1% of the budget was spent. Most categories that exceeded 88.1% were highly seasonal. As in prior years the percent expended is several percent lower than the completed portion of the year. Donations through November recorded in Shepherd's Staff agree in total and by fund with the financial records. No pass-through funds are overdrawn. Five on-line donations totaling $544 were received by the last counters report date (11/28/22). There were no Thrivent donations (YTD there have been 3 Thrivent donations totaling $222). The balance sheet remains strong. There is no long-term debt. Total assets have decreased by $48,652 since 12/31/21. The decrease is due to the operational deficit and resurfacing the parking lot. It should be noted that the exceptional deficit stems from reduced donations. Compared to November of 2013 with a slightly lower year-to-date expense, donations are over $28,000 less and the deficit over $33,000 higher. Without phenomenal donations during the next few weeks for a December total of $68,000 (the highest December by $20,000 in the last 25 years), Lord of Life will end 2022 with a substantial operational deficit.  

Property - The new water cooler has been received and is in storage. Work on removal of the old cooler and installation of the new cooler will begin as soon as practical in 2023. Pastor has arranged for the cleaning work to be performed by a local person as a community service project. The bench made from recycled plastic bags has been received and assembled by Pastor Adam. It will be installed by the playground as soon as a secure location is determined by the property committee. The missing bolts for the toilet partition in the women’s toilet room off the Narthex have been replaced.  The natural gas supplier has been changed from Illinois Energy back to Nicor at a project savings of approximately $900. Work on the audio/visual system in the Sanctuary continues. To date the new ethernet line has been temporarily connected to the present location of the A/V desk at the southeast side of the Sanctuary. The remaining work includes moving the A/V desk to its new location and running the camera feeds to the desk. When completed we will have cameras located in the northeast and southeast corners of the Sanctuary.  

Children and Hunger – On Saturday December 17th at 9:30 we will have volunteers putting together the 8 bins that will be given to Mt Carmel church to give to the needy. Then around 2:00 the bins will be delivered to the church for distribution to local families in need. We passed around the clip boards for the last 3 Sundays with the list of food that is needed, and all the food needed has been marked off. All of us on the committee are so blessed & thank full to the congregation for their support and generosity.