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  • Report from Pastor
    • Bible study continues to be an enjoyable time with others.  Pastor encourages others to attend.
    • Wednesday evening outdoor worship has been great!  Sheila did a fantastic job and it was very well received.  Invites other volunteers who would like to assist with service to let the Pastor know.
    • YouTube service down to 16 views.  Not unusual due to summer travel.  Worship attendance remains steady. 
  • Motion was made for LoL to attend Darien fest this year August 13th - 14th (1-6 PM)
  • Council will continue to promote collection of plastic bags for a bench to be made in the playground area.
  • A recommendation was made to start passing the collection plate again in service.
  • COVID Task Force – Nothing will change for the current time being. 
  • Finance - June donations remained meager. It was the second lowest June in the last ten years.