Attendance remains steady at both the 9:00 A.M. and 11: A.M. services 

A picture of Pastor Todd will be hung in the church’s breezeway

The Virtual Bible Study continues have good attendance

Comfort Dogs will be the featured program for Senior Spirits in October. A free will collection will be offered during the meeting.

The shopping cart used for donations for the family shelter will remain by the front door

The Sunday School program is seeking additional volunteers to help teach. Anyone interested can reach out to Marla Suda or Aimee Jiminez

Our first Mini Golf Family Outing will be held on September 12th at Miners Mike at McCollum Park. The cost is $6.00 to play

Lord of Life’s Annual Pet Blessing will take place on October 3rd.  Judy Padera and Marilynn Sells are the event coordinators

LoL’s participation in Darien Fest saw lots of visitors stopping by the booth.  Many visitors inquired about Sunday school for children. 

Hymnals will soon be returned to the pews

July donations were weak, and our financial deficit is slowly increasing. Pastor Carole will write a letter encouraging second quarter donations

The Worship and Music committee has ordered new banners for Christmas and Easter