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Dear Friends,

Waiting for life.  Like everyone else, the delay of warm spring weather is getting on my nerves.  Those teasers in March and April were cruel.  Now it is the beginning of May and the daffodils have been on life support, and the fruit trees gentle flowers have been bruised by the cold.  Spring is such a remarkable metaphor for life because it tells the truth.  Spring can be coy, can be cruel but it is as unrelenting as the rain that falls.  What is emerging sure as can be is God’s command for the world, live, grow.  In the season of Easter again and again the disciples are in the presence of life but their eyes are closed or out of focus.  At a grave yard the tomb was empty and the women were stunned.  Others just thought they were superstitious, or crazy with grief.  In a locked room Jesus’ followers were in hiding.  The local Jewish leaders and the Roman occupation forces didn’t find them, maybe weren’t even looking for them, but Scripture tells us that Jesus found them and resuscitated their lives. They walk to the next town, Jesus shows up.  They go fishing, Jesus shows up. They sit down to dinner, Jesus shows up.  Jesus shows up.            

Jesus shows up on our doorstep. Jesus shows up at our weddings, graduations, baby showers, at a pancake breakfast, or at a gathering of people hunched over LoL’s garden, as odd as they may well yet be because of Covid, ready to speak the word of God against the forces of greed, death, self-centeredness, hunger or helplessness.            

Jesus shows up at the resting places of those who have died because death is not the final word.  Jesus shows up by our sides when our bones ache or we are tired and sore.  Life is now, it was when we didn’t sense it before, it is now when we wait for some better evidence and it will always be.  God is making all things new.           

Life is at Lord of Life.   Revel in it.  Taste it, see it, feel it. 

Thanks be to God. 


Pastor Carole