During the months of March, April and May our Virtual Coffee Hours, led by members of the vision team, focuses on questions we need to answer as we develop Lord of Life’s Ministry Profile to prepare to call a new pastor.            

Below is a summary of the latest Virtual Coffee Hours and a list of questions we will focus on and the dates we will discuss them. PLEASE join us; we need your input.  Meet with us in the sanctuary or via ZOOM  at  10:00 A.M.  

What is the purpose of LOL  Who are we?  What are our gifts, resources and assets?            

Lord Of Life Church is an ELCA Lutheran Church whose purpose is to serve and support Darien and its surrounding communities by providing:

  • A place of worship and fellowship that offers comfort and support 
  • A place to meet with God, share God's love and attend to the spiritual needs of its congregation.            

Lord Of Life Church is a place of learning for all ages It celebrates and supports the lives of its congregation and offers them opportunities to share their talents and skills.           

 Lord Of Life Church offers many gifts. The generosity of the Lord Of Life Church extends from its generous financial offerings to the church tom its extensive support to a myriad of community needs such as food pantries, men’s and women’s shelters, and animal rescue shelters Another gift bestowed upon Lord of Life is the extensive and outstanding talents and time given by the members of the various dedicated volunteers involved in the church’s committees and the dedication and support provided by its hard working staff.            

Finally, Lord of Life church has many assets and resources. First and foremost is the large, well built, and well cared for church building and the extensive land it rests on.  Secondly, our congregation and staff are deeply committed to God and the it community serves.

List 3 changes that have occurred within the congregation in the last 3 years

The changes the group identified are:

  1. Major changes in the culture of Lord of life due to the loss of Pastor Todd and Covid 19 restrictions
  2. Loss of membership
  3. Initiating the call for a pastor  

List 5 ways LoL will support the new pastor during his/her first year to allow him/ her to meet responsibilities?

As members of the Lord of Life congregation, we will give the new pastor respect and a chance to listen to our congregation and our needs. We will financially support our church and its new pastor. In addition, we will actively help to increase Lord of Life’s membership by seeking out new members. Then, as the new pastor creates new programs, we will offer suggestions and support the programs he/she creates by becoming involved in these programs and committees of the church.  

We will welcome the pastor and his family into our homes and to our church events such as potlucks. In addition, we will support the pastor’s family and respect the ways his/her family chooses to become involved in the doings of Lord of Life.