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 On May 16th a rousing THANKS BE TO GOD concluded the meeting of the Lord of Life congregation to say YES to all the hard work we have done on the Ministry Site Profile. Thanks be to God for all Lord of Life has been and for our future hope.  Thanks be to God for all those who served on the task forces who worked tirelessly to accumulate the data needed to answer the questions on the profile.  Thanks be to God for those who came to coffee hours to reflect on the past and anticipate the future.  Thanks be to God to those who listened and translated our vision into prose.  Thanks be to God to those who read the document and spell checked and proofread.  Thanks be to God for the Holy Spirit’s presence among us working through the Congregation Council.  Thanks be to God for our congregation committed to stepping up to financially and personally to support the new pastor God is preparing for us. Thanks be to God!  

Our Ministry Site Profile has been submitted to the ELCA.  Bishop Curry and his staff are studying it, and it will be sent to pastors considering leadership at Lord of Life.  Our profile is our self-portrait; it examines our joys, sorrows, and hopes.  It is a work of art.  

On June 8th Lord of Life’s Congregation Council and Call Committee will be meeting with Pastor Kyle Severson, assistant to Bishop Curry as we move into a new phase.  The Call Committee consists of Janet Kardatske, Jonathon Sejnost, Caitlyn Scarpelli, Don Dibbern, Rene Buchman, Stacie Plzak and Elaine Sherman (alternate).  Keep our leaders in your prayers.  

Almighty God, your Holy Spirit equips the church with a rich variety of gifts.  Grant that we may use them to bear witness to Christ in lives that are built on faith and love.  Make us ready to live the gospel; and eager to do your will.  Bless the ministry of those serving on the call committee so that their prayerful deliberations will bear much fruit on behalf of our congregation.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen