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Hello Lord of Life, 

One year ago, I was called as pastor to Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Darien. It has been a privilege worshiping and ministering alongside everyone. We have enjoyed many wonderful times together. We have blessed our four legged furry friends together; we have had picnics and played games together, we have sang Holden Evening Prayer and Christmas carols; we have remembered the death and resurrection of our Lord together. We have also been through difficult times as well. Many of us have had Covid, been in and out of the hospital, and we have mourned the passing of important members of our congregation. In one short year we have experienced many joys and sorrows together, but the important fact is we have gone through all these times while growing closer together as a community and closer to God. 

Reflecting on the past year of ministry leads me to wonder what the future with Lord of Life will be like. Last month we began our new pattern of combined worship. I know this was a major shift, but you took it all in stride. It felt amazing to have everyone together on Sunday. I love how full the sanctuary feels and how strong and clear the singing is. Our community is stronger when we come together. Thank you for trying out something new! I am very excited by this change and I am excited to see where it might take us as we continue to try it out. 

Something else coming this month that I am looking forward to is beginning on October 9th.  Following our 10:00 am worship together, there will be an opportunity for Christian formation during an education hour. Adults will have the chance to gather together for a Bible study or discussion with me, and children will be starting Sunday School up again. One of my favorite times during the week is Bible study, so I am excited to expand and include this new time together. I learn so much from you in these moments and I look forward to the things that God will teach us. 

I am wondering what you are looking forward to! What are your favorite events we’ve done in the last year? What would you like to try moving forward? 

I can’t wait to see what our second year together will hold and which new ways God will lead us.


Pastor Adam