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Summer Greetings Lord of Life!

I missed you all very much while I was gone in Sierra Leone. My family had a very enjoyable time visiting friends and family we have not seen in five years, but it was very strange to not preach on a Sunday. I found myself planning and preparing sermons in my head just in case someone asked me to get up and preach. I would also spend time wondering how everyone was doing and if things were going smoothly at church. My prayers were answered when I returned and was told everyone was doing well. I am so thankful for the way members of Lord of Life have always checked in and cared for each other.

One of my favorite things I did while traveling was worship with the Lord of the White Sands Lutheran Church. It is a church that is located right on the Atlantic Ocean in a small beach town. Everytime we have traveled to Sierra Leone in the past, our schedule never lined up that we would be able to attend service there so this trip we intentionally planned around worshiping there. I wasn’t sure what the service would be like but I was surprised by how similar it was to attending our own church. They follow the liturgy out of the Lutheran Book of Worship and people show up late during service. Apparently “Late Lutherans” is a global phenomenon. It was a beautiful reminder of how we are united across the world with our common beliefs and style of worship. 

I’ve already heard many stories of your own summer fun: trips to visit family, taking vacation, or relaxing and playing a round of golf. However you choose to spend your time during summer, I pray that it fills you spiritually. Rest is a spiritual discipline that Jesus would practice regularly withdrawing to either spend time alone or with those he was closest to. However you find rest this summer, I pray that God will keep you safe from all harm and that people you come in contact with will be as blessed as we are to have you as part of our community. 


Pastor Adam